Love: a thought. 


Lately, there is something about love,

I have yet to gather… ; to understand. 

What allows for love?

What allows for love to exist?

a parents love for their child?

– a partners love for their lover?

– a siblings love for their sister; their brother?

– a friends caring for another?

– ones love of one’s self? A nation? Society? Humanity? 

– an animals love for its “owner”; another animal. 

And where do those come from? God? Allah? Yahweh? The brains need for connection? 

What is the SOURCE of their love? DOES IT MATTER? 

Do T(t)hey not love all? Uninhibited. 

Then why don’t we

Love requires no source. It requires bravery, vulnerability. 

To care for something-ANYTHING– as much or more than itself…
Be brave my loves. 




Cheesy Ham & Egg Hashbrown Casserole


So the semester is finally over for me, yet I am still interning and working through the holidays (minus one week YAY!). For the end of the semester, my supervision group aka my tribe as I call them had a potluck to celebrate getting through our program to this point and surviving half of internship! It was around 11am and I am a breakfast/brunch person so I offered to make an egg casserole dish. I looked up a BUNCH on Pinterest and found one I liked and decided to make. I modified it some for my tribe and I so I decided to post my recipe here.  Read More

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