Ya, America… We’ve Got Some Issues.


My heart not only emotionally hurts, but physically – it’s been getting worse lately… now I know why. I don’t know how many times I have cried today. My heart finally broke. I can’t shake it anymore, can’t distract myself from it. I sprinted a two mile run I am so hurt, so angry, so baffled (and I can barely run 2 miles) in an attempt to numb what is breaking my soul, my spirit, my pride in my country, my love for people.

The UNITED States of America… has never been so divided in my lifetime (ya I’m young, but I’ve still got some damn good points, so keep reading). What is in that divide? What pushes us apart? We think, and SCREAM: gun rights, liberals/conservatives, race, LGBTQ rights, religion, terrorism… obviously, we’ve got some major issues… about time we face them, United, as we have claimed to be all my life. But really, what are these issues about, what makes them unsolvable? Judgement, Fear, Hate, Anger, Blame… I think it’s time we talk about those things when we talk about the world we are living in today… and how we can conquer that… because no matter your opinion on issues, fear, judgement, hate, anger, blame, can all be fought and conquered and solved with love, understanding, care, and compassion. 

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